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Day 11 Recap; Appalachian Trail

by EP on June 17, 2010

Having read Bill Bryson’s humorous take on trying to hike the Appalachian Trail with a overweight friend in the book, “A Walk in the Woods,” I’ve falsely romanticized about these glorious mountains and assumed I would eventually attempt a similar hike. One day into the mountains via bicycle, I now know the next time I pass through here I’ll be in an air conditioned car with the radio blasting, laughing at anyone I see on a bicycle.

Although we encountered some tough hills and quasi-mountains in eastern Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut and along New York’s Hudson River, none of them compare to the war that was waged between three cyclists and endless climbs yesterday in western Maryland.

We took off from Clear Spring, Maryland in the morning and fought tooth and nail all day, going either 4 mph up a steep slope for 20 minutes then screaming down the other side at 30 mph for a mere 2 minutes…only to continue the bloody cycle on the very next mountain until we reached the town of Frostburg, Maryland.

As painful as some of the mountains have been, we’ve been improving on our American history by reading as many little tidbits as we can through some historic Revolutionary and Civil War sites. I’m not sure if we’re as interested in the quick history lessons as we are in the chance to down yet another Gatorade/Vitamin Water/Powerade/water, but these stops are a win-win for everyone.

Thanks to John and Beth at the Trail Inn, which is a great little spot along the railroad tracks here in Frostburg, MD, we were able to enjoy a great dinner, ice cream sundaes and a much needed night of sleep.

Back on the road again this morning. The Appalachians are staring us down once again. Doesn’t look like they’re going to move out of the way anytime soon, and since California is our final destination, we shall do battle once again today.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends…

-The XC Guys


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Shelley Ferrando June 17, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Gentlemen ~

I am Drew Forney’s administrative assistant here at Blue Cross in Boise, ID. I have been following your exciting journey and I am responsible for letting others in our company know how you are progresssing. I thought I’d share with you that when I turned on my Pandora player this morning, a song by the Appalachian Picking Society came on. I think it was meant for you guys. Ride on!


Shelley Ferrando


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